Berg Favorit Inground (430) 14ft Trampoline (Grey)
Berg Favorit Inground (430) 14ft Trampoline (Grey)
Berg Favorit Inground (430) 14ft Trampoline (Grey)
Berg Favorit Inground (430) 14ft Trampoline (Grey)
Berg Favorit Inground (430) 14ft Trampoline (Grey)

Berg Favorit Inground (430) 14ft Trampoline (Grey)

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Discreet, space saving all round trampoline!

BERG InGround Favorit Trampoline offers an unique and patented way to assemble the trampoline to the garden. BERG InGround Trampoline is the first and only one in Europe that is specially designed and built to be embedded in the ground. You can integrate your trampoline in your garden in a pretty, ultra simple and safe way. The trampoline allows your children to have fantastically fun play time without affecting how your garden looks!The Favorit trampoline gives good value for your money, in regards to safety, durability and price.

Safety: The safety border on the Favorit model is thickest on the metal frame and thinner on the springs – on the frame the protective foam layer is 20mm thick, and on the springs 10 mm thick. The protection is far above cheap supermarket models, which have much thinner and less durable protective foam. The protective pads are 38cm wide and cover both the metal frame and the springs, which is a significant difference to the cheaper trampolines. With the wide protective rim you can also protect yourself against falling through the gaps between the springs.

The trampoline comes with a frame net, which keeps children and animals from falling under the construction.

Quality: Our Favorit InGround trampoline offers a completely galvanized frame, which is galvanized inside and out. Usually you can see on the cheaper trampolines that they are not properly galvanized, and they rust away faster than quality trampolines. In some cases the rust already after 1-2 years, when you start seeing the joint welds to rust, which means they are going to break later on. The protective pads around the trampoline are surface treated against UV radiation, to ensure that the green color does not fade out. The cover is made of high quality thick material with strong stitches.

The springs The BERG InGround Favorit is equipped with GOLD SPRING Solo springs, which are exclusively made only for BERG trampolines. The Berg Goldsprings give you full use of your energy in your jumps, although kids would gain more use of the InGround Champion model with the Twinspring Goldsprings which can easily take loads of over 30kg, the jumps can be expected to be slightly lower but accurate. The springs are zinc treated to protect against rust.

Assembly / installation The embedded trampoline is placed over a pre-excavated hole. A good installation tip is to assemble the frame before anything else, so you can check that you have dug the hole with correct dimensions.