AA Power Station

AA Power Station

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The AA Power Station is an ideal home accessory and an emergency power pack which can be used to jump start a battery, inflate tyres and illuminate an area when required.

This Power Station is suitable for starting 2.5L Petrol / 1.6L Diesel vehicles with overload and over charge protection. The Power Station contains with an air compressor which can be used to inflate tyres in an emergency.

The Power Station has an LED status indicator to show how much charge is left in the unit, plus a battery status indicator to give an instant view of available charge. It comes with an AC power supply for easy recharging providing up to 6 hours of DC power when 240V sockets are not available. It has a tough, durable case with a built in LED light for roadside emergency repair.

  • Jump starter
  • Air compressor
  • Internal LED light
  • Flexible air hose
  • USB output