Huffy Green Machine Mini 10" Kids

Huffy Green Machine Mini 10" Kids

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'Fun to the max!' This Green Machine Mini 10" might just be the most non-electric fun you can have on wheels!

Slide, spin, drift! The Green Machine gains speed using the fixed front wheel pedals, with hand levers steering through the rear wheels. Built upin a robust Steel frame, featuring tough Resin tyres to really get you sliding & spinning fluidly through those corners.

"Heart punding fun starts with the Green Machine Mini."

Key Features:

  • Pedal operated fixed front wheel - Halt the pedals to slow your role!
  • 10" (25cm) wheels
  • Dual stick steering
  • Adjustable bucket seat - provides perfect fitment and side support for that sideways action
  • Tough resin tyres - spins & slides are fluid & effortless!
  • Comfort handlebar grips with fluted ends for optimal control
  • Durable Steel frame - built to last! Backed by Huffy's lifetime warranty
  • Suited for ages 3+