Wynns High Temp Black Instant Gasket Maker 200 ml

Wynns High Temp Black Instant Gasket Maker 200 ml

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Featuring a unique dispenser which allows controlled application, gives a professional finish and that considerably reduces wastage of expensive silicone. Containing silicone products that are oxygen sensor and compatible with Catalytic Converters and are capable of withstanding extra high temperatures, e.g. Exhaust Manifolds up to 600F 200ml.


  • Is resistant to oils, transmission fluids, water, antifreeze, grease, smoke and hot toxic gases.
  • Replaces cork, felt, paper and rubber gaskets.
  • Withstands low temperatures up to -40°C (continuous) and high temperatures up to 232°C (continuous) and 260°C (intermittent).
  • Does not harm catalytic converters and electronic sensors.
  • Retorquing is not necessary after complete curing.
  • No mixing required (single component).

Suitable For

  • Ideal for replacing seals and gaskets of engine components (cylinder-head cover, transmission and oil crankcase, water pumps, thermostats), light fittings, heating installations, AC, bodywork, industrial ovens, cooking stoves, window seals and many other applications.
  • The product is not suitable for replacing head gaskets nor for applications that require continuous immersion in petrol.
  • Do not use in joints deeper than 10 mm.
  • Avoid contact with solvent cleaners during cure.