Slime 20464 Tyre Plug Kit
Slime 20464 Tyre Plug Kit

Slime 20464 Tyre Plug Kit

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Designed for temporary puncture repair of tubeless off-road tyres including trailers, wheelbarrows, mowers, quad bikes, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles.

This plug kit includes everything you need to plug up a puncture. Simply insert the reamer into the offending hole a couple times to clean it up and to remove any debris. Then, thread some of the included plugging material through the eye of the needle, coating it with the rubber cement. Jam the needle in the hole, pull it out, and voila. No more puncture, just like that.

This repair kit is only suitable for emergency tyre repairs to enable vehicles to be driven to a service center where proper permanent repairs can be made to the tyre. This kit is not intended for use for major tyre damage.