TF2 Teflon Cycle Lubricant Spray - 400ml

TF2 Teflon Cycle Lubricant Spray - 400ml

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Weldtite TF2 is an advanced multi-use lubricant spray reinforced with Teflon surface protector for maintaining the precision-made parts of modern bicycles. It cleans, lubricates and keeps corrosion at bay.

Unlike other non cycle-oriented water displacers often used as lubes, TF2 does not degrade the lubricants already present and so is suitable for use on cycle chains, sprockets and cassettes, derailleur springs and pivots etc.

TF2 can also be used as a general lubricant in the car, boat or around the home.

Bicycle lubricant spray ideal for chains, gears, derailleurs etc.
Contains a Teflon surface protector for enhanced protection
Cleans, Lubricates and inhibits corrosion
Large 400ml spray can ideal for home workshop use.