Wiking model Fliegl ASW 391 with Spreader Mechanism

Wiking Fliegl ASW 391 with Spreader Mechanism

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The fully functional Fliegl Gigant ASW 391 dumper gets an additional function! Large-scale agriculture is really where the rear spreading device for the load has gained substantially in importance. For the first time, WIKING has miniaturized this spreading device and likewise the complete model with a high degree of functionality and mobility. The high-capacity trailer is stable and allows unloading in low buildings. In addition, it is versatile in use – as a transport vehicle, transfer wagon and manure spreader. It can carry out all the functions of the original. Thus the principle of the movable front wall, which can be shifted to the rear hydraulically and pushes out the load this way, can be authentically simulated. The Fliegl dumper takes account of crucial trends in large-scale agriculture: Fliegl believes that an increasing number of environmental requirements, on the one hand, and crop-growing aspects as well as economic necessities, on the other, make it necessary today that the spreader mechanisms spread the most varied of materials onto farmland – on time, precisely and evenly.